1.5V watch battery Lr44 AG13 button button battery

Chemical System :Alkaline manganese button batteriesModel No. :LR1154 (LR44 AG13 A76)Nominal Dimensions:11.60×5.4mmNominal Voltage :1.50VAverage Weight :1.92gApplications :Watch, calculator,electronic toy, etc.Shelf Life :Not less than 90%of the servicecapacity, following 1st year storage at 20ºC.Loading :1000Ω(

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Chemical System :Alkaline manganese button batteries
Model No. :LR1154 (LR44 AG13 A76)
Nominal Dimensions:11.60×5.4mm
Nominal Voltage :1.50V
Average Weight :1.92g
Applications :Watch, calculator,electronic toy, etc.
Shelf Life :Not less than 90%of the service
capacity, following 1st year storage at 20ºC.
Loading :1000Ω(20ºC)
Cut Off Voltage :0.90V
Capacity :145mAh
Caution for use :
1.There are risks of electrolyte leakage or causing damage to the device if the battery is recharged;
2.The battery shall be installed with "+"and "-" in correct position;
3.Short-circuiting and heating the battery , disposing of the can must not be permitted.
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    1.5V Watch Battery Lr44 AG13 Button Coin Cell Battery

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