High temperature thermocouple wire for temperature controller

High Temperature Thermocouple Wire for temperature controller and thermodetector1.Description:1).conductor :Cu, Cu-Ni2).Insulation: PVC, FEP(High temperature Resistant type)3) Jacket: PVC,FEP(High temperature Resistant type)4). Temperature range: 0-200ºC5). Color:KC type Positive:Cu(red )   Negative

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High Temperature Thermocouple Wire for temperature controller and thermodetector


1).conductor :Cu, Cu-Ni

2).Insulation: PVC, FEP(High temperature Resistant type)

3) Jacket: PVC,FEP(High temperature Resistant type)
4). Temperature range: 0-200ºC

5). Color:KC type Positive:Cu(red )   Negative: Cu-Ni (Blue)
               SC type 
Positive:Cu(red )    Negative: Cu-Ni (Green)

 We can also produce Type: JX, EX, TX, NC,NX

6).Packing:100/200/310/500m per Roll


2.Insulation and Sheath Type
Insulation and Sheath MaterialTemperature


Thermocouple Wire that is used in a thermocouple from the point of sensing to the point of cold junction compensation (cjc end) where the signal is measured. A thermocouple is a sensor for measuring temperature, that consists of two dissimilar metals that are joined together at the sensing end. Different thermocouple types (e. G. J, K, T, E, etc) use different mixtures of metals in the wire. At the cjc end, the millivolt value provided by the thermocouple represents the difference in temperature of the sensing end as compared to the cjc end (also called the reference end).

4.Main Technical Type list
High Temperature Thermocouple Wire for Temperature Controller

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