1.5V AG series alkaline button battery

1. Cross Reference:IEC Japan Ray-O-VAC "U. S. ASwitzerland" Germany "H. KPRODUCTS"LR44 LR1130 RW39 390 V390 AG102. Chemical System: Zinc-Manganese Dioxide ( Potassium Hydroxide Electrolyte )3. Nominal Voltage: 1.50V4. Standard Capacity: 75mAh ( continuously discharge at 20± Under 15kΩ Load to 0.9

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1. Cross Reference:
IEC Japan Ray-O-VAC "U. S. A
Switzerland" Germany "H. K
LR44 LR1130 RW39 390 V390 AG10
2. Chemical System: Zinc-Manganese Dioxide ( Potassium Hydroxide Electrolyte )
3. Nominal Voltage: 1.50V
4. Standard Capacity: 75mAh ( continuously discharge at 20± Under 15kΩ Load to 0.9V end-point voltage )
5. Approximate Weight: 1.10g
6. Dimensions & Structure: Dimensions & structure of the cell are shown in the attached Fig. 1.
7. Terminal Materials: Negative: Ni/ST/Cu clad Positive: Ni plated steel
8. Characteristics: Characteristics of the cell are shown in the following table.

Items Storage Characteristics Conditions
8.1 Electric Characteristics
Open-Circuit Initial 1.520V or higher DC Voltmeter: The tolerance is ± 0.005V and the input resistance is 1MΩ Or more.
Voltage After 12 months 1.500V or higher
Closed-Circuit Initial 1.500V or higher "DC Voltmeter: Same as above.
Load Resistance: 15kΩ , 0.8Sec. "
Voltage After 12 months 1.490V or higher
8.2 Service Output
Service Life 15kΩ Continuous Discharge Initial 940hrs or longer Discharge Resistance: 15kΩ
After 12 months 846hrs or longer End-Point Voltage: 0.9V
8.3 Electrolyte Leakage Proof Characteristics
Electrolyte leakage on overdischarge There are no bulging or deformation Temperature: 20± 2
Of cells in excess of maximum Humidity: (65± 20)%RH
Dimensions shown in attached Fig. 1 Load Resistance: 15kΩ
By 0.2mm or more. There are no Overdischarge Time: 48hrs (discharge after
Visible electrolyte leakage. Having reached specified end-point voltage)

Kingbolai is a professional battery manufacturer which was founded in 1993 in China. ISO, RoHS, CE APPROVAL!
Our factory with ( Japan ) and Hibar ( Canada ) automatic production line occupies 15, 500 squre meters and owns 700 skilled workforces including 30 technical engineers.
Item NumberSystemVoltageCapacityMillimeterweightHK
L521Alkaline 1.5V10mAh 5.8*2.10.28AG0
L621Alkaline 1.5V13mAh6.8*2.10.34AG1
L726Alkaline 1.5V28mAh7.9*2.60.5AG2
L736Alkaline 1.5V35mAh7.9*3.60.7AG3
L626Alkaline 1.5V18mAh6.8*2.60.4AG4
L754Alkaline 1.5V60mAh7.9*5.41AG5
L921Alkaline 1.5V40mAh9.5*2.10.6AG6
L926Alkaline 1.5V42mAh9.5*2.60.75AG7
L1121Alkaline 1.5V45mAh11.6*3.10.9AG8
L936Alkaline 1.5V45mAh9.5*3.61AG9
L1131Alkaline 1.5V75mAh11.6*3.11.1AG10
L721Alkaline 1.5V20mAh7.9*2.10.4AG11
L1142Alkaline 1.5V100mAh11.6*4.21.6AG12
L1154Alkaline 1.5V140mAh11.6*5.42AG13
L625Alkaline 1.5V200mAh16*6.23.2AG625

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